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G0846 Horizontal Slot Mortiser

The Grizzly G0846 Horizontal Slot Mortiser incorporates a router mounted on its side with the workpiece clamped to a multi-axis sliding table. Use it to quickly cut mortises for traditional mortise-and-tenon or ‘loose tenon’ joinery and easily cut angled mortises as no elaborate jigs and fixtures are required! The G0846 is driven by a powerful 2-horsepower, 220V, 10-amp motor and is equipped with a 20″ x 8″ precision-ground cast-iron table. The table features an adjustable cam-action hold-down clamp to secure the workpiece. The table glides along two hardened V-ways using four ball bearings for smooth, effortless motion. The table has two adjustable X-axis (side-to-side) stops and one Y-axis (depth) stop. The G0846 has an indexing guide with four spacing patterns that, when combined with the stops, are all crucial for repeat operations and production work.

  • Precision-ground, cast-iron table
  • Forward and Reverse spindle control
  • Combo fence/miter gauge
  • Adjustable X- and Y-axis table stops
  • Smooth ball-bearing table operation
  • Cam-action hold-down clamp
  • Locking storage cabinet
  • Hex wrench set included