714000 JWB-10, 10″ Open Stand Bandsaw

If space is at a premium in your shop, this is the bandsaw for you. The compact benchtop design allows for easy transport to different shop locations, while the Poly-V drive system provides maximum power transfer from motor to blade and reduces vibration. With quick release blade tension, upper and lower ball bearing blade guides, an extra-large cast iron tilting table, and an easily adjustable LED work light, this well-equipped bandsaw has all the features you’re used to on bigger bandsaws.

  • Aluminum extruded fence ensures smooth sliding action
  • Blade site window to view blade tracking
  • Dust port accepts multiple size hoses
  • Extra large cast iron table with retractable extension wing provides additional work piece support
  • Magnifying cursor enlarges measurement scale for precise fence location
  • One piece welded frame design reduces machine vibration and flex
  • Oversized, ergonomic knobs provide ease of use and maximum control
  • Rack and pinion blade guide adjustment with integrated locking knob for precise height control
  • Rigid steel stand allows bandsaw to transition from the benchtop to the floor
  • Table tilting trunnion allows working angles from 0° to 45°

15″, 18″, and 20″ Bandsaws

  • Large resaw capacity for cutting large pieces of wood, slicing veneers, and cutting book-matched panels
  • Precision-ground cast iron table for added stability and work support
  • Fence system features a micro-adjustable, dual-position side plate
  • Tool-less, independently adjustable, upper and lower ball bearing guides
  • Rigide, four-sided guide post with rack and pinion adjustment for optimum blade support
714650JWBS-15-3, 15″ Bandsaw, 3HP, 230V
714750 JWBS-18-3, 18″ Bandsaw, 3HP, 230V
714850 JWBS-20-5, 20″ Bandsaw, 5HP, 230V

714400K JWBS-14SFX, 14″ Bandsaw, 1-3/4HP, 115/230V

The newest addition to the JET Bandsaw lineup, the JET 14” SFX Steel Frame Bandsaw redefines the line between functionality and affordability. The large, cast iron table features 360 sq. in. of work surface for greater work piece support when making deep cuts. The machined aluminum fence system features easily visible measurements for the most accurate cutting. This saw is equipped with JET’s easily adjustable blade guide system, makes adjustments quick and simple. The JET 14” Bandsaw also features over 13 inches of resaw capacity, and dual 4 inch dust ports for maximum dust collection efficiency. Heavy duty tubular steel welded construction, robust stamped steel doors with welded steel pin hinges, and heavy duty base, allows for stability and durability when sawing large work pieces. The JET 14” SFX Bandsaw provides the woodworker all the premium features of a higher end saw with superior performance to complete any project.

  • Blade tensioning wheel located on top of the saw for better work piece clearance when cutting
  • Convenient 115V AC outlet location for optional accessories
  • Deeper table with a massive 360 sq. in. of cast iron work surface for greater work piece support
  • Engineered diecast and steel trunnion system, allows for single point adjustments when moving table
  • Independently adjustable, upper and lower ball bearing blade guides
  • Oversized lower bearing bolt pattern for maximum strength and rigidity
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14|12 1.75HP Bandsaw

The 14|12 Bandsaw is a 110 Volt saw that feels like a 220. Features include pyramid shaped spine, 1.75 HP TEFC Motor, quick release tension, 115 volt outlet and micro polished 21″ x 16″ table mounted onto oversized Trunion paired with Aluminum Hi/Low Fence. Solid Cast Wheels are electronically, dynamically balanced & fitted with polyurethane one-piece tires designed to run cooler & last longer than conventional tires. The worm gear & pinion is ultra-smooth and engineered to have minimum flex even when fully extended. This is a trade mark of Laguna, just like the famous ceramic Laguna guides. Double windows allows you to check both tension & tracking while the machine is running.

  • Laguna Guides
  • 4″ Dust Port
  • Table Height: 38″
  • 110 Volt Outlet
  • Tension Window
  • Tension Indicator
  • Tracking Window
  • Cast Iron Wheels

14|BX Bandsaw

  • 12″ Resaw
  • Height: 70-1/4″
  • 21-1/2″ X 16″ Table
  • Table Height: 38″
  • 7° Table Tilt Left
  • 2 X 4″ Dust Ports

Differences from 14|12:

  • Weight increased
  • Solid one-piece Frame
  • Frame is heavier Gauge
  • Magnetic On/Off Switch
  • Disc-Brake w/ Micro-Switch
  • Dual light mounting positions
MBAND14BX1101.75HP, 14 Amp, TEFC
110 Volt Outlet for Light
MBAND14BX2202.5HP, 9.8 Amp, TEFC
220 Volt Outlet for Light

18|BX 1PH 3HP 220V Bandsaw

The 18|BX Bandsaw follows in the traditions of high-performance and reliability established by the widely-used Laguna Tools 14|12 and 14|bx models. The 18|bx is built around a 3HP, 220V motor and 145″ (368 cm) blade for consistent results, cut-after-cut, regardless of wood material. 

  • Motor: 3HP, 220V, 1 Ph. 12 Amp.
  • Recommended Breaker: 20 Amp.
  • Magnetic Starter
  • Min-Max Blade Width: 1/8″ – 1-1/4″
  • Resaw Capacity: 16″
  • Throat: 18″
  • Blade Length: 145″
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1791500 PM1500 Bandsaw, 3HP 1PH 230V

The PM1500 packs many of the features traditionally only found on larger bandsaws, and brings them to a new, category-redefining, 15’’ size. As with every product Powermatic builds, the PM1500 pushes the limits of design, innovation, and durability. It truly is The Gold Standard.

  • Blade tension release with electrical interlock prevents the bandsaw from starting when the blade is detensioned
  • Blade tension release with electrical interlock prevents the bandsaw from starting when the blade is detensioned or released
  • Fence features positive locking cam with pressure adjustment
  • Heavy duty upper wheel support and tracking mechanism for smooth operation
  • High end blade guides with tool less adjustment provide stability, increasing cut accuracy
  • Oversized side plate can be used in the horizontal or vertical position
  • Solid cast iron upper and lower wheels create the momentum needed for heavy resaw
  • Accu-Fence has complete adjustability for aligning to blade and squaring to table
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Shop Fox

W1706 1 HP 14″ Bandsaw

Features such as extruded-aluminum fence and rails, quick-release blade tension, miter gauge, upper and lower ball bearing blade guides, enclosed cabinet stand, hinged wheel covers, 4″ dust port, and a 1 HP motor are all standard. And, with its cast -iron frame and table, this bandsaw will be a reliable shop fixture for many years to come. An optional 6″ extension block kit (D3348) is also available. CSA certified meeting CSA and UL standards!

  • Motor: 1 HP, 110V/220V, prewired 110V, single-phase, TEFC, 1725 RPM, 11A/5.5A
  • Blade size: 93-1/2″ (1/8″ to 3/4″ wide)
  • Precision-ground cast-iron table size: 14″ x 14″ x 1-1/2″
  • Cutting capacity (throat): 13-1/2″
  • Max. cutting height: 6″
  • Table height above floor: 43″
  • Blade speeds: 1800 & 3100 FPM
  • Cast-iron frame and wheels
  • Table tilt: 45° right, 10° left
  • Precision-ground cast-iron table
  • Cast-iron blade wheels
  • Deluxe extruded-aluminum fence
  • Ball-bearing blade guides
  • Footprint: 18″W x 15-1/2″D
  • Heavy-duty cabinet-type stand with storage space
  • Quick-change blade release/tensioning
  • Upper and lower ball bearing blade guides
  • All ball bearing construction
  • 4″ dust port
  • Includes one 3/8″ blade, fence and miter gauge
  • Fence scale with magnifying window

W1825 19″ Heavy-Duty Bandsaw

Power, capacity, and extra features make this 19″ Heavy-Duty Bandsaw the saw of choice for many serious woodworkers. Included is an extra-wide table, deluxe 6″ tall resaw fence that also converts to a low-profile fence, rack-and-pinion table tilt mechanism with built-in table support brace, cast-iron table trunnions, computer-balanced cast-iron wheels with polyurethane tires, and a foot brake. The foot brake not only acts as a safety feature, but it can also speed production. All-in-all, you would be hard-pressed to find a bandsaw with more useful features and proven performance than this outstanding machine. Machines certified to CSA and UL standards may be available upon request.

  • Motor: 3 HP, 220V, single-phase, TEFC capacitor start-induction
  • RPM: 1725
  • Precision-ground cast-iron table size: 26-3/4″ x 19″ x 1-1/2″ thick
  • Floor to table height: 37-1/2″
  • Cutting capacity/throat: 18-1/4″
  • Maximum cutting height: 12″
  • Blade length: 143″
  • Blade length range: 141-1/2″ – 143″
  • Blade width range: 1/8″ – 1-1/4″
  • 2 Blade speeds: 1700, 3500 FPM
  • Wheels: computer-balanced cast-iron with polyurethane tires
  • Wheel covers: pre-formed, hinged steel
  • Blade guides: dual ball bearings with full enclosure protection
  • Motor bearings: sealed and permanently lubricated
  • Blade tension indicator
  • Rack-and-pinion table tilt mechanism
  • Computer-balanced cast-iron wheels
  • Height scale measurement
  • Fence with scale and magnifying window
  • Deluxe cast-iron fence with deluxe extruded-aluminum resaw fence
  • Miter gauge
  • Two 4″ dust ports
  • Table tilt: 5° left, 45° right
  • Quick-change blade release/tensioning
  • Rack-and-pinion upper guide adjustment
  • Foot brake
  • Cast-iron trunnion
  • Key lockout safety switch
  • Includes 3/4″ hook-style blade

W1770 5 HP 21″ Bandsaw

This 21″ Bandsaw has the power and capacity to handle any bandsaw cutting operation with ease. Its 5 HP motor powers blades up to 1-3/8″ wide through the hardest wood up to 14″ tall. Rigidly constructed to tension the widest blades, this bandsaw eats through wood like a mini saw mill. Features include micro-adjusting rack-and-pinion table tilt, ball bearing blade guides, blade tension indicator, foot brake, deluxe fence with 2-position resaw fence attachment, and precision-ground cast-iron table.

  • 5 HP, 230V, single-phase, TEFC capacitor start induction, 1725 RPM, 22A
  • Precision-ground cast-iron table size: 29-1/2″ x 20-3/4″ x 1-7/8″ thick
  • Table tilt: 45° right, 5° left
  • Floor-to-table height: 35-1/2″
  • Cutting capacity/throat: 20″
  • Max. cutting height: 14″
  • Blade length: 165″
  • Blade sizes range: 1/4″ – 1-3/8″
  • Blade speed: 4600 FPM
  • Wheels: computer-balanced cast-iron with polyurethane tires
  • Blade guides: dual ball-bearings with full enclosure protection
  • Bearings: sealed & permanently lubricated
  • Foot brake stop
  • Blade tension indicator
  • Micro-adjusting rack-and-pinion
  • Two 4″ dust ports
  • Quick-release blade tension lever
  • Rack-and-pinion upper guide adjustment
  • Includes deluxe extruded-aluminum rip fence, 1″ blade, and miter gauge

M1113 Wood/Metal Bandsaw

A VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) with digital readout provides infinitely variable blade speeds between 150 and 3000 FPM, making this saw great for cutting wood and metal alike! Just turn the speed control dial to set the perfect cutting speed for each type of material you’re cutting. Besides providing the variable-speed control, the VFD also allows this machine to take full advantage of the high-torque/low-speed characteristics of a 3-phase motor—while only requiring a single-phase power supply. The vertical cutting configuration and massive cast-iron table also makes it easy to feed intricate, curved cuts. All in all, the strong versatility of this 18″ Vertical Wood/Metal Bandsaw makes it an ideal choice when shop space is limited and the range of profect types is diverse!

  • Motor: 1-1/2 HP, 220V, 3-phase
  • Power supply requirement: 220V, single-phase, 15A
  • Max. cutting height: 12″
  • Throat capacity: 17-1/2″
  • Blade length: 133″
  • Blade size range: 1/8″—1-1/4″
  • Blade speed: variable, 150-3000 FPM
  • Table tilt: 45° right, 5° left
  • Floor to table height: 37-1/4″
  • Table size: 18″ x 24″
  • Left and right table tilting control
  • Upper and lower blade guides
  • Precision-ground cast-iron table
  • Quick-release blade tension
  • Steel guide blocks
  • Two dust ports
  • Wheel brush on lower wheel
  • Frequency drive provides variable speed control
  • Fully balanced cast-iron wheels with rubber tires
  • Rack-and-pinion adjustment on upper blade guide support
  • Blade tension scale with magnified cursor
  • Twin drive belts
  • Includes rip fence and miter gauge
  • Rip fence comes with right and left reading indicators, T-slots for quick change attachments, dead lift quick release, ball bearing slide, solid lever lock

M1014 7″ x 12″ Metal Cutting Bandsaw

Great for production shops, this 7″ x 12″ Metal-Cutting Bandsaw handles large jobs with ease. Features angle cutting to 45°, four blade speeds, internal coolant system, quick-setting vise, hydraulic downfeed control, and automatic shut-off. Wheels and a handle add mobility for even greater convenience.

  • Motor: 1 HP, 110V/220V, prewired 110V, single-phase, 12A/6A
  • Blade size: 93″ x 3/4″
  • Max. capacity round @ 90°: 7″
  • Max. capacity rectangular @ 90°: 7″ x 12″
  • Max. capacity round @ 45°: 5″
  • Max. capacity rectangular @ 45°: 4-3/4″ x 4-1/2″
  • Blade speeds: 90, 135, 195, 255 FPM
  • Coolant capacity: 2-1/2 gallons
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Hydraulic feed control
  • Quick-positioning vise
  • Built-in coolant system
  • Chip tray
  • Includes blade & vertical saw table
  • Hydraulic ram assist (adjustable hydraulic downed assist)

W1715 3/4 HP Metal Cutting Bandsaw

Great for production shops, this 7″ x 12″ Metal-Cutting Bandsaw handles large jobs with ease. Features angle cutting to This economical, portable, horizontal/vertical metal-cutting bandsaw is an excellent choice for small or large projects where you must cut a variety of metals, plastics, or wood. When the vertical cutting attachment is installed, the saw is able to cut in the same manner as a vertical bandsaw, giving you plenty of options for your unique cutting requirements.

  • Motor: 3/4 HP, 110V, single-phase, 1725 RPM
  • Max. cut (round stock) diameter: 4-1/2″
  • Max. cut (rectangular stock): 4-1/2″ x 6″
  • Blade speeds: 78, 108, 180 FPM
  • Blade size: 64-1/2″ x 1/2″
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Three cutting speeds
  • Ball bearing construction
  • Vertical cutting attachment
  • Handles and wheels for portability
  • Blade included
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